Islam in Somalia(By: Somali reporter and writer Hassan mu’alim mahmoud samatar (Hassan albasri) )

Islam in Somalia

Let me focus today Somali movement according to Islam religion, and flash back Somali history to Islam and to ask each other which time Islam religion entered Somali country and who was keeping from losing and omitting?? All these question are clear but what I want is to remember and it must be bear in our mind that same of young generation in some is that there were in past time and steal in our country Somali religious who were defending Islam in Somalia from the time that Islam came to Somali and they had nice wisdom to teach Islam to the Somali people who are ignored from the theme of Islam.

Those religious called( rufiyaa)who  are well known in Somali because of movement of religious and they played high role for spreading Islam comprehension  to around of Somali regions   and until now we are hander to hander muslin and prize be to Allah this registered to international world  map, so to be religion exist for long time  in such Somali country is not easy because Somali has many anomy in Africa country’s neighbors such as Ethiopia and Kenya and other countries , and also European countries  which were colonizing some of Africa countries  and Somali land and were not satisfacted what Somali religious were acting in center of Somali because Sofia sects   succeeded to not get any Somali guy who is belongs and impress   Jewish and christen religions and there is no even one village in Somali who it’s population are out of Islam , and it is obviously that there were hungry and poverty and malnutrition which can souse to same one to be out of Islam but this non happened in Somali .. And also Sofia succeeded     to     unify Somali and to make unique for every side and united Somali for following points …

1—Somali denomination is shafiyah, so this ideological became deep and not easy thing in Somali religious .and Somali population, because the comprehension of Islam brought from shafiyah denomination..And there three denominations such as hambaliyah and malikiyah and hanafiyah, denominations but people won to have shafiyah denomination …and the books of shafiyah always under reading in morgue and schools of religion by specialized religious ,and there is large number of young generation who are interesting learning that books ,      even in Somali implementation in court in every side …

2—second Somali unify is they united Somali sect such as duruqul Sofia and there are 2 at least samples in Somali a- qadiriyah -b-   idrisiyah…and they have branches which are supporting them and there is no difference between them …

3—Somali dogma is ash’ariyah and there is now official dogma in Somali  such as this, it may be  wahabiyah dogma came to Somali during civil war by feeding Somali young people  who were fed up from hunger so I will note this topic in other time with main  details    if Allah say that   ..

4—there are several styles in reading   in the world and all of them are relative to Islam source so if you adhere   on of the you are on the right path and Somali religious maintain in Somali teaching holy qor’an (am rah style)  for long time   and as every one can image the war has rude results  and there  are a lot of teams who are benefiting from the lack of Somali central g  government  epically so –called religious who arrived Somali from Saudi Arabia in last decades  

Before I conclude this essay let me give a short advice to young generation who think that previous religious  they don nothing and also whey were obstacle for spreading Islam in Somali , this is false believing and has no sold foundation so it must be omit from the mind , and also young generation believe that Islam alight raised after wahabiyah ideology came to Somali ,approximately 30 years ,this is unbelievable idea .and we say Islam came to Somalia before madinaha al munawaraha came , and Somali people have Islam  religion one and above thousands and Sofia religious were keeping it from losing , and even they entered hot fighting against Somali colonized ( British- and Italy) and I will mention and narrate with this topic other time  insha Allah ta’ala whit details.. ….



By: Somali reporter and writer Hassan mu’alim mahmoud samatar (Hassan albasri)

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    nimco Says:

    salaamu calykum waxaan rabaa inaan ogaado xukunka isdiqdaamka misbaxa

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