Rising and foiling for Islamic courts in Somali


By: Hassan albasri    


              Unfortunately that below storm emerged from hornafrik once and disappeared, I mean that how fast Islamic courts raised and the easiest way that they disappeared during 6-monthes only in that time and there is a lot of reasons which helped them to raise   that including these and others and I try so sum up and make list for readers of my message   .

   1= the main reason  which helped for rising Islamic courts in Somali was that the all civilian of Somali had fed up from promising leaders and tired to wait for long time how to gain Somali government led by Somali politicians because they became obstacles in front of peace keeping and restore hopes,    so the population started uprising   against them at once  and Islamic courts  got benefit form these movement because they  had no designed  schedule only Somali environment was based on leader’s movements  who did not permit for Islamic courts to play roles for stabling Somali situation ,and to taka part with Somali conference which are holding inside and out side of hornafrik…so the military of Islamic courts merged immediately after same of war loaders announced their new alliance against terrorist’s movements in Somali ,and this came because America aid military  supported them and provided them  millions of dollars so to eliminate  and to remove same of wanted parts  who connected with qa’ida net  who were staying and keeping  in Somali .               .       2- – The Arab merchants  and Somali business men  provided Islamic courts leaders million and millions in to associate the sold foundation to Islamic courts and amplify military power for Islamic fighters secretly and the supporters were keening on to see Islamic courts became winners merchants who helped them who whom selves were helping leaders in the dark way but this time moved from them to new teem .because most of them got business from Somali relief agencies for aids  to orphans and displaced people who were fed up from illness and poverty so the conquered all these relives and opened a big stories in same of Somali markets and became famous ..      ..2- The slogan “Islam defending” helped them also and changed Somali wars consequently systems which were happening only based on clan clash and political affairs, this time furthermore Islamic leaders pronounced (holy war jihaad) against war loaders so became winners which motivated their fighters and encouraged their moralities and emotions, and make same rights for who is member of other parts, and caused to leader’s fighters to prefer to withdrew this fighting and change to tropism  war because this kind of war is new for them and no slogan to fight  against Islamic courts , and also what is most dangerous from that is that alliance troops were not help each other  during fighting  and ever one surrounded and isolated in far way area form war scene and circumstance did not allow to protect their enemies  in one time and one system .second potential of that was that same of Mogadishu residents stopped  and banned constantly moving military supporting for  leader’s troops  who were moving easily between streets             . 3–        The prominent Somali press was playing its high role with this movement. Such as IKQ and IQRA radio /shabelle.radio.and hornafrik media       …4==.  Same of Somali huge trips which were supporting regardless what the ambition of these how will be in the next future so they assistant them every side which lead same of Somali clans to regret now after escalating war between  their  weak fighters against Ethiopia military and lot of it’s members were killed in fighting.         It is believed that Islamic courts caused to Somali a lot of un-abided conflictions for tired and exhaust people form the civil war and we can sum up in this message same of UN kind things they caused to Somali region…1—to eliminate what is rest from Somali and to face Somali unsent and weak people to biggest government in Africa (
Ethiopia) were flashback Somali mind and the time isn’t that time.   

2- To call all Islamic fighters from a round world to destroy our lovely country and make station of terrorist..  3- To defame Islam face in Somali for what they called (jihad- holy war -).4- To dug former deed people graves which were the biggest scandal events in Somali and no law permitted that awful action on behave of Islam…5—to kill audience  who were watching TV of final world cup in 2006 in same of Somali regions and abolished broadcasting songs in same of Somali media and banned holding wedding ceremony in same of Mogadishu area…6- To stop commemoration for Somali sects -sufiyaa- in north Somali region were they intentionally used power for unsent people who gathered in this manual feast….              ..And also created wonder full organization which has deem relationship with large alqa’iddah net…        ….     Is the Urgent movements in Somali are on tight???        Let us first contemplate little and recognize the ideology of remained supporters of Islamic courts and what is called (radical Islamic group –al-shabab –)  and ask our   mind do they have the key of Somali peace or they  them selves are obstacles  for Somali peace process and negotiation stapes for situation of region   which is getting worst day and after day and there is no respectfully happy and according to their ideas they need to live in this way and to keep terrorist actions under Mogadishu streets which  they preferred to bather Somali neighbor’s relation ship and also to illuminate celebrate Somali scholars and educated persons  including police officers with out counting their faults and no registration of human rights to these crimes   in such as Somali country the case is no central government  that is why al-aqa’iddah- net …had selected to this opened country which became one of the most  potential countries in the world …     It is believed that –al ithad- organization led by clone dahir aways tried to over came Somali several times and involved Somali civil war which began in 1991 and took part with Somali destruction..   It obviously that responsibility of   what happened in Somali will take only these who led Islamic court …because they opened these doors and also knocked the door of Ethiopia when they were fighting against Somali interim   government in (baidaba) region we remember that one officer of Islamic leaders announced that war will change to Ethiopian boarder so in that time they pulled to Somali country huge war which caused to our people to flee their country and became refugee…Now Somali people suffering …several things * hungry * malnutrition * un-limited destruction* happy less* …  … So it is not good to support idea of terrorist and it must work for and how to organize Somali union again with avoiding to loss the time for what is non-sense which can cause to prolong Somali peace process…Last I want to notice one thing which is that there is miss- using for Islamic holy war (aljihad) … which is used for who eager to be well known and lead Somali country once and made used jihad for this process and purpose, and this is not good for Islamic comprehension…                If you have any comments about this topic you can send message to The E-mail address of the writer .xalbisri2@hotmail.com You can also get this message and other messages which related to Somali update situations …welcome for you visiting to my website, I am interesting your correction, requests and your views about what is wrong and right for my features. Click to  …www.albisri.4t.com    

xasan alabisri




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